What's AZsingers?

Background and Concept


1. The AZsingers consists of professional musicians invited from across Japan by conductor Naoto Aizawa, to participate in the 2016 Symposium on Choral Music in South Korea. To this date, the group lineup has changed a total of six times; once for each of its past performances. We are aiming to reform the choir by April this year.


2. By prioritizing both our understanding and interpretation of choral works, we aim to breathe fresh air into the world of choral music and to promote Japan’s unique cultural identity both at home and abroad.


3. We seek to recruit a diverse range of professional musicians who have achieved excellent in a variety of fields relating to chorus work such as composers, poets, conductors and pianists, to construct a chorus in which each member’s contributing skills and knowledge make them a vital component.


4. We will seek opportunities to perform at events aligned to our concept, rather than arranging annual concerts. The group’s schedule will consist of general activities and intensive periods of rehearsal. General activities will take place 1-2 times per month and will include lyrical reading and interpretation, holding study sessions, and participating in workshops in relation to each member’s specialization. An emphasis on research and study will bring a unique aspect to the group. The intensive period will commence shortly before concerts and will include activities such as full rehearsals of performance material carried out 1 – 2 times per week, intensive long-hour practice sessions and to lodging together for several days of practice.


5. By hosting and modelling at a range of workshops for members of other choral groups, we strive to aid in the development of choral skill at a national level.


6. The AZsingers' name originates from our desire to study a vast range (the “A to Z”) of choral works, as well as the name of leader Naoto Aizawa.